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Protect Your Skin and Look Good While You Do It with Watskin

Protect Your Skin and Look Good While You Do It with Watskin

Watskin Designs Highly Fashionable Sunwear

Watskin is a highly fashionable protective sunwear brand that empowers sophisticated women of all ages to love the sun: safely, comfortably, and confidently!

The Brand's Mission

The brand is dedicated to creating protective sunwear for all. The brand mission is inspired by our founder, Lois Robbins. Lois combined her passion for fashion and love for the outdoors by designing a sunwear line that would allow her to protect her skin without compromising her chic style.

The Story Behind the Brand

Behind every brand, there is a story. In 2018, our founder, Lois, received devastating news from her dermatologist. The dermatologist found a basal cell over her lip and told Lois that she MUST stay out of the sun.
The news was upsetting as it put Lois at odds with her love for the outdoors and fashion. Since she refused to give up and loves a challenge, she searched high and low for fashionable clothing I could wear to swim, power walk, paddleboard, and enjoy the outdoors. To her disappointment, the selections were bleak and quite limited.

The First Watskin Design

This inspired Lois to design her own clothing line that would protect her from harmful uv rays. With the help of her friend, Lois was able to create the first catsuit and wrap skirt made of UPF 50+ fabric. And just like that the brand, Watskin was born.

Watskin Official Sunwear for Skin Cancer Research

Lois's personal experience with Melanoma inspired her to create this functional sunwear line that would help prevent other women from experiencing the harmful effects of sun damage. Since the brand was inspired by her personal experience, Lois knew she wanted to give back to skin cancer research in some way.

Partnership with Melanoma Research Alliance

Watskin decided to give back by donating 5% of every purchase to the Melanoma Research Alliance. This means every time a customer adds an item to their cart, 5% of their purchase is going towards skin cancer research.

Safe & Versatile Sunwear by Watskin

Watskin was designed for safety and versatility with benefits to promote a healthy lifestyle. Every piece is created with UPF 50+ fabric that blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays. This promotes having fun in the sun without risking the damaging effects that harmful UV rays can have on your skin.

Live Elegantly and Effortlessly

Watskin's sunwear is designed for a multifaceted person who wants to enjoy anything and everything under the sun. Our pieces are designed with soft, two-way stretch fabric that is created from a moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and chlorine-resistant material. This allows for a seamless transition from beach to sport or poolside to lunch without any hassle.

Vivid Color Options for All Customers

The Watskin team is dedicated to providing an array of styles and vivid color options so everyone can shop according to their personal style. From bold leopard print to classic black there is truly something for all customers! The colors and patterns that are currently available to shop on the Watskin website include: Neon Orange, Olive, Black, Azul, Leopard, and Python. The Watskin team is constantly creating new styles and colors to add to the website for future launches.

Stylish Pieces and Accessories to Fit Everyone's Needs

Watskin's website features the Lois Catsuit and Lola Bodysuit. The Lois Catsuit is perfect for full body protection! It will have you looking stylish from head to toe. The Lola Bodysuit is a great substitute for a more traditional bathing suit. It also is great for layering! Add the Olivia Wrap Skirt or matching accessories to your cart to complete your look.
There is a selection of Watskin accessories to enhance your look! There are hats, wrap skirts, and pareos available on the Watskin website in a variety of colors. Pick the perfect matching accessories and add them to your cart at


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